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Pressure Washing Or Soft Washing: Which Is Right For My Exteriors?

Pressure Washing Or Soft Washing: Which Is Right For My Exteriors

Pressure washing and soft washing have long been popular exterior cleaning methods that yield phenomenal results. However, they are quite different in their application and shouldn't be considered interchangeable. Using the correct method is essential for protecting your exteriors from damage while also ensuring that they get the most effective clean. Below, Atlantis Pressure Cleaning experts will provide a more in-depth look at the difference between soft washing and pressure washing and give insight into their uses as it relates to the cleaning and care of properties just like yours in Palm Beach. If you're considering soft washing or pressure washing for your home or business but need more information, then call Atlantis Pressure Cleaning today and have our team help you schedule the right service to fit your specific needs. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the two most popular exterior cleaning methods around and see how professionals use them to perfect the look of homes and businesses like yours.

Powerful Cleaning For Hard Surfaces

Pressure washing, or power washing, expels concentrated, high-pressure water streams sometimes accompanied by chemical cleaning agents from nozzle attachments. Its purpose is to blast through set-in stains and buildups on hard, durable surfaces. It is reserved for surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and stone. This method is ideal for removing embedded stains, dirt particles, and stubborn buildup from these materials much more effectively than milder cleaning applications.

Gentle Washing For Roofs, Windows, Siding

Instead of using highly-pressurized water spray, soft washing relies on mild spray that goes through a low-pressure nozzle piece and exits through a pressure washing wand device. It uses eco-friendly chemicals to dissolve grime and surface stains, and it's preferred for more delicate exteriors because it won't cause damage to them from too-high water pressure or too-harsh chemicals. Soft washing is a highly effective cleaning method with numerous uses. Its gentle application makes it ideal for most residential cleaning jobs like roof cleaning, house washing, window cleaning, and more. It doesn't cause cracks, dents, tears, or punctures, but it also doesn't sacrifice cleaning effectiveness.

How Do I Know Which Service Is Right For My Home?

The great part about working with a professional like Atlantis Pressure Cleaning is that we can determine this for you. Our technicians can tell at a glance which service your property needs, if not both. Typically, residential homes only require sofr washing as many of the exteriors on houses are more delicate than industrial installations found on business properties. The exception would be if your home needs concrete washing, in which case pressure washing would be more effective.

Are These Methods Sustainable?

The good news is yes. The majority of pressure washing companies opt to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are properly diluted when performing both pressure washing and soft wash cleaning. This ensures that cleaning projects don't leave behind residual solution that is harmful to people, animals, or plant life. It also ensures that toxic chemicals don't runoff into nearby bodies of water. Furthermore, pressure washing equipment is known to operate very efficiently, meaning that it only uses the amount of water necessary and doesn't waste any unlike your typical water hose or other household items. This is thanks to the concentrated water stream expelled by specialized nozzles. If you're environmentally conscious, then you won't have to worry about pressure washing services going against your principles.

Exterior Cleaning For Any Palm Beach Home Or Business

The Palm Beach community can always rely on Atlantis Pressure Cleaning to provide superior pressure washing services. Whether your cleaning project calls for pressure washing, soft washing, or both, our team can supply what you need to achieve the result you want for your property. Investing in services like ours annually helps keep your exteriors looking flawless and extends their lifespans. If you think your home or business could benefit from one or both of the services discussed today, then call our team for more information. You'll be one step closer to a brighter, more beautiful property!